Monday, October 25, 2010

Twists and Turns

Before Altha and I left for Belize, I wrote asking that you pray we would follow the Lord through every twist and turn, allowing Him to make our path straight. How could I have known we would indeed experience ‘twists and turns’ in the form of a hurricane? On our last trip to Belize, in June, we were accompanied by the first almost-hurricane of the season, Alex—a tropical storm. But now we have seen the real thing—Belize City, its primary target. And there we were. That was last night (Sunday).

On Monday morning (today) Belize City awoke to a muddle of fallen trees, broken branches, downed power lines, and puddles the size of Olympic swimming pools—but, by God’s grace, not much flooding. Two of the missionaries we intended to meet today had several inches of water in their homes—so much for our plans! The other missionary (a church planter) was unavailable. He called from the local supermarket saying he had just purchased several cases of Top Ramen noodles and was heading across town to feed his church people—all of whom, I suppose, had no power to cook (they must have a generator at the church).

How will all these twists and turns affect our Christian brothers and sisters—and us? We are holding fast to God’s promise that He “twists and turns” [Greg’s translation] all things for good to those who love Him (we do) and are called according to his purpose (we are). So, if we are acknowledging Him in all our ways (we are), He will make our paths straight—there are no twisted paths in God's kingdom!

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