Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life is unfair and I don’t deserve this.

There have been a number of news stories recently about the over-treating of certain medical issues, i.e, too many unnecessary tests, too much medication, etc. Certain doctors are concerned over-treatment could be be doing more harm than good.

The double meaning of the phrase “over-treating” didn’t escape me. Is there such a thing as “over-treating” oneself? Clearly, and painfully, the answer is ‘yes.’ And doing more harm than good! Rooted in Satan’s temptation of Adam and Eve, each of us is inclined to grab a fruit from the wrong tree. This syndrome manifests itself in many ways, but the general temptation comes when we say, “life is unfair and I don’t deserve this.”

In light of this psychological phenomenon, it behooves each of us to examine ourselves for a self-revelation: how do we over-treat ourselves when life deprives us of something we think we deserve?

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