Thursday, May 1, 2014

Don’t let it be the National Day of Half-a-Prayer

Today in the U.S., it is the annual National Day of Prayer. Undoubtedly, many Christians will be asking God to change our country and our culture. They will pray for wisdom for our leaders. They will pray against the moral issues of the day. They will confront the evil forces at work in our land. They will pray for revival.

But to confront the darkness in this world without also asking God to search and root out the pockets of darkness in our own hearts is only half a prayer.

In speaking of the National Day of Prayer, Daniel Henderson of ‘Strategic Renewal’ writes, “When we pray for other issues and miss the primary need to become more like Christ as we pray, we are shortsighted. When we pray in order to be changed, we become [God’s] agents of change.   

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