Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Mullah Who Stole Christmas

Iraq’s Christian leaders have cancelled public Christmas celebrations and warned believers against decorating their homes. The reason? New threats of terror attacks by al-Qaida against Iraqi Christians. Two months ago, al-Qaida insurgents brutally attacked Christian worshippers during a church service in Baghdad, killing 68 men, women and children. Since then, al-Qaida terrorists have proudly claimed responsibility for bombing Christian homes and neighborhoods throughout the Capital. No Christmas displays in Iraq this year!

Before you say “that could never happen here,” listen to this: In May, students at a Massachusetts public middle school took a field trip to a local mosque where they participated in a prayer and listened to lectures on Islam. Parents, who gave signed permission for students to visit the mosque, were not informed in advance that the students would hear a Mosque spokesperson denigrate Western civilization and glorify Islam. What is most astonishing is that this occurred in the same state where public displays of the nativity have been prohibited and firefighters forced to remove a "Merry Christmas" sign from their station.

At every sales interaction, we are reminded that the 'reason for the season' has all but disappeared, as we endure the innocuous greeting "Happy Holidays." Considering the increasing intolerance of Christianity and acceptance of Islam, it seems the theft of Christmas can no longer be blamed on the Grinch.


  1. Greg,

    The gradual but progressive erosion of our private spiritual lives here in our nation has also had a cummulative effect upon our freedoms as a society. There are numerous examples in the Old Testament of Israel's having had to deal with the results of their spiritual passivity with nation after nation moving in to conquer and enforce their belief systems upon God's covenant people.

    Scripture tells us in the Book of Amos that God includes His prophets in what He is doing. There have been scores of warnings given by godly men and women down through the years of the dangers of passivity. Vigilance and diligence may yet have their moments if we wake up and take our positions on our knees in crying out to God in repentance for our inertia.

    Then perhaps God will release His power to overcome the forces of Islam--not only in our country but in Iraq as well! But He chooses to use the vehicle of our intercession to do so. Apart from it we can only expect more of the same news to come out of both nations.


  2. Great addition to my post, Stan. Thanks. Perhaps we should all re-read the little prophetci book of Habbakuk, where the perplexed prophet does not understand how God uses even our enemies to accomplish His purposes. In this case, the Islamic enemy ought to force Christians to their knees.