Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who was Thirstier?

One thing all nutritionists and dietitians seem to agree on is that regardless of your diet or lifestyle, you should be drinking a great deal of water—and the recommended amount: 64 ounces! It’s hard for me to drink 8 glasses of water a day—I’m just not that thirsty!

On this blog yesterday, I posed the question “does God have longings?” And while researching the subject, I discovered an insightful interpretation of the familiar story of the Woman at the Well: Jesus was thirsty!

This may be what-we-call a “loaded” statement. Is there a reason John draws attention to Jesus’ thirst? Nearly everything Jesus did in the physical realm had a spiritual parallel. Thirst is defined as the craving for fluids—it is a basic human instinct. What is the spiritual parallel? What was Jesus thirsty for? What satisfies Jesus’ thirst? I think Jesus longed (craved, thirsted) to give “living water” to this hurting woman.

Is this not God’s unquenchable desire? To get us to leave behind the water pots we have been using to draw from cracked wells that hold no water, and to fill us up from His fountain of living water? (Jer. 2:13) The woman didn’t even know how thirsty she was until Jesus offered her the “living water.” But Jesus knew; and He was thirsty to tell her.

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