Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Take it Easy?

I just returned from a trip to Arizona. Having been on many out-of-state (and out-of-country) adventures in the last year, I recognize how every time I make plans that take me out of my routine, my patience is put to the test! With planes to catch, security checkpoints, waiting for this and that, trying to navigate unfamiliar roads and freeways—not to mention how much more intolerant I am of others when I’m stressed. At such times, while I’m hard on others, I make excuses for myself.

Regarding our own shortcomings, we say "I didn't mean to do it;" or "I couldn’t help it; I was under a lot of stress.” But when it comes to other people, we say: “He/she should have known better.” It’s easy to be hard on others. But A. W. Tozer said: “A spiritual man is easy on others and hard on himself.” Yikes! (Or, in more Biblical parlance, “Woe is me; I am undone!”—Is. 6:5)

Jesus addressed this issue. “How can you think of saying, 'Friend, let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,' when you can't see past the log in your own eye? Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend's eye” (Luke 6:42). But we tend to get this “log/speck” thing in reverse! Today the Lord convicts me with these words: “Therefore you have no excuse everyone of you who passes judgment, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things” (Romans 2:1) Take it easy? I don’t think so.


  1. Greg,

    I am so grateful that God is patient with us when we are tested, especially when we are caught off guard by the revelation that we fell short of His glory...again.

    For us to gain a clearer understanding of His grace and mercy we need to find ourselves in places conducive to bring our "stuff" to the surface. While there, we can finally be made aware that there is yet work to be done (surprise!).

    But our life is not about us, is it? It is all about Him! And when our limitations make themselves known we can depend on His all-sufficiency to supersede, and conform us progressively to the image of His Dear Son!

    His ways are higher than ours. Sometimes, that has to be good enough.


  2. There are 100's if not 1000's of opportunties for God to show us our need for Him, but we only seem to see them when they are glarinly staring us down. That's why the traveling, or any interruption to my routine, gets me in touch with how much more work there is yet to be done!!