Saturday, May 14, 2011

“You Complete Me!”

I’ve been working on a term paper for my “Systematic Theology” class this week, and have not been able to pull my head out of academia long enough to produce a cogent devotional thought. But a statement in an article about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Marie Shriver’s separation caught my attention.

A divorce lawyer who was interviewed for the article speculated: “People have little tolerance nowadays for relationships that don’t fulfill them in all aspects.” That statement pretty much sums up the ethic of the day—I need someone to complete me.  Everyone is searching for that “one” person.

If our lives were like a cup, we would certainly want to fill it with positive emotions and genuine fulfillment in life. And at a very early age, we begin to look for what we think can fill up our cups with positive things. We look to one of three sources, or all three, for the fullness we want—acceptance, worth, or performance. When Martha tried to be fulfilled by her performance, Jesus told her she had missed the “one” thing that Mary had chosen. When the rich young man tried to prove his worth by his good deeds, Jesus told him he had missed the “one” thing. When the woman at the well was trying to fulfill herself through acceptance, Jesus told her about the “one” that could satisfy her.

What is the ONE thing they missed? That Jesus was the only “One” who could fulfill them. And He is the only “One” to whom it is quite appropriate to say “You complete me!”


  1. And He loves us so much that He tries to let us know in every way possible, that only in Him we are complete. Many times, unfortunately, we come to that truth after a big disappointment or even after a series of disappointments. We are so hard to convince that only He is the Perfect One for every single one of our needs and desires. He is the One who knows best because He created us and knows, like nobody else,-not even ourselves- what we have need of.

  2. I am learning this! I love this blog. This is such a true observation. It's sick how I can think another infallible, imperfect human being can fill me, an infallible, imperfect human being.

  3. on another note, Jesus, proves Himself over and over. He does truly "complete me."

  4. Greg,

    I applaud your ability to distance yourself from the academic just long enough to impart your insights with us! The word "complete" piqued my interest so I looked it up in my Bible-study program and discovered the Greek word used for the action behind the word is most often translated "fulfilled" or rather "full-filled." It is found over 80 times in the New Testament and is most associated with fulfilled words of prophecy and fulfilled anticipation.

    For someone to "complete" another person...well, I guess the above observations may help to clarify a little, especially how only Jesus could fulfill our expectation just as it was prophesied He would.


  5. Great insights everyone.

    Stan, the word for "complete" is one of my favorites. Take a look at Colossians 2: 9-10 -- Jesus was full of God, and we are filled with His fulness! No excuse for walking around feeling empty, is there?!!