Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Does It Feel Like Things are Getting Out of Hand?

This week a Japanese bank announced it will be installing about a dozen automated teller machines that will scan customers' hands for identity.  I have to hand it to the Japanese: they’ve certainly found a handy way to get cash. And besides that, no one will have to worry about their debit card falling into the wrong hands!

If this “hand scanning” thing catches on, it could change our vocabulary. For example, if your wife needs money to go shopping, she’ll say, “can you give me a hand?” And that homeless guy who sits in front of Lucky's will have a sign that reads, “I’m looking for a hand out.” And bank tellers may sound like cops when they say, “put your hands where I can see them.”

Now before this post gets completely out of hand, let me offer a more serious observation. It seems to me this biometric scan has a somewhat apocalyptic ‘feel’ to it. And while it may not be a chip implant, it could advance Antichrist’s agenda toward a global marketplace (“mark of the beast”). But it also occurs to me that the more things in this world get out of hand, the earthlings will be employing technology to take matters into their own hands.  But we have peace, knowing that our life and times are in His hand (Ps. 31:15), the one who opens His hands and meets our needs (Ps. 145:16).

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