Monday, April 23, 2012

Evolution: the Greatest Paradigm Shift in Human History

Before Darwin introduced his ideas on evolution, there were few atheists. Men would look in to the Universe and see that everything had to have a supernatural origin. How else could you explain how things came into being? And that’s what Darwin did. He explained how man came into being without God. A product of the Age of Reason, he provided an alternative to God that gave people a reason not to believe. It was a paradigm shift unlike any other in human history. Satan had won a great victory. If there was a natural explanation for everything, how could anyone still believe in a supernatural God?

About the same time, Satan was raising up a generation of “enlightened” theologians who began examining the Bible through a “natural” lens.  No longer would rational men accept its supernatural stories.  Jonah swallowd by a whale, or the parting of the Red Sea were just primitive Hebrew stories, not unlike pagan mythologies. This, then, brought into question the reliability of all the historical records of the Old and New Testament. Their conclusion: the Bible was written by mere mortals—not by God-inspired authors. Score another one for the devil.

The Spirit-breathed inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible is no longer accepted in many Christian colleges and seminaries. Those that do are in the minority—and they are viewed as intellectual midgets. Within another generation or two, the remnant of people who still believe in the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible will be so small that evangelicalism as we know it today may no longer exist.

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