Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama's position on gay marriage has evolved

Yesterday President Obama announced his support of gay marriage. His position had been evolving for several years. To “evolve” means to develop gradually or to adapt. And “adaptation” is key to Darwin’s theory of evolution (or natural selection) where only the strong survive! We knew Obama believed in natural evolution; now we know he believes in moral evolution. And so do a majority of Americans.

Like every ‘successful’ politician, Obama knows he must adapt to the majority’s changing values. If his presidency was going to survive, Obama would have to evolve and adapt. And now that over 50% of the country has evolved to accept same-sex marriage, it was not only safe but expedient to announce his evolution.

Likewise, there are many in the Church who fear that if they do not adapt to the evolving standards, they will not survive. And so, as the Church in America finds itself in an increasingly secular world that rejects moral absolutes, many are evolving and adapting. But for those who believe in God's unchangeable standards, evolution is not an option. God says "I am the LORD, and I do not change” (Mal. 3:6).


  1. Greg,

    The next step in the enemy's agenda for this issue will be to reverse all of the "prejudice" against gay marriage. This "evolution" of Obama's stance is not merely his own position; it is the position of forces hostile to the whole idea of marraige.

    When I say "reverse all of the prejudice" I am referring to the biblical position on marriage between two heterosexual partners now becoming the focus of prejudice from this point forward. How would that be possible? It will be possible because gay marriage will become the "preferred" status when hiring anyone, or granting approval for housing, etc. Actually having kids in a nuclear family will become a liability because of all of the wear and tear associated with them.

    As for our kids, soon America will become the #1 country from which the world adopts out its children, replacing China, India, and Romania. Why? Because that is the only way kids will become valued--as a commodity, not as persons.

    This decision by our president--though it is his--was birthed in another mind: that of the father of lies. And the Church had better brace itself for some major adjustments on how it will be viewed in a short while by the general populace here in our country.

    Suddenly, purity is a much bigger issue. I wonder how the liberal theologians will put a spin on Christ's relationship with His Bride, now that gay marriage is put on equal status here in America with marriage as God intended it to remain? Who might the Church's "partner" become, in this instance? Will Eve be paired with Lilith? And who will Christ be paired with, if not the Church?


  2. As I wrote before, Stan, the issue of "hate" speech will become more front-page. Anyone who speaks against gay rights will be considered a hate monger and subject to felony charges.

  3. Greg, praise God for your strong stand on this issue. I so agree with you. So many people who proclaim to be Christians are not standing up and saying it is wrong, so it is easy for them to be soft in other areas as well. We have to continue to pray for each other so that each of us will not compromise the what God's word says. Thank you so much and as always, I enjoy your writing. Have a blessed week and Happy Mothers day to your lovely wife Altha.

    In Christ,

  4. Thank you Ambica. We need to stand together as we take a stand against the moral relativiity (secularism) that is gaining traction in our Land. I am afraid the remanant of Bible believers is going to get smaller and smaller.