Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Imagine America after the Rapture

In light of the aftermath of the recent power outage back East, the fires in the West, and drought all across America's farmlands, I saw all of these as apocalyptic scenarios that may be providing us a preview of how the Rapture will affect life in America.

Just imagine the impact even if only 25% of churched people are truly born again. Sections of America would be decimated. (I hope it doesn't happen during the evening commute!)  Even in less affected places (like NYC or Las Vegas!), still, their communities could lose key government officials, police and firemen, doctors, nurses, first responders, and teachers, resulting in a rapid breakdown of society.

Then, ravaged by crime, hunger, lawlessness, and chaos, those left behind will look for a leader—you might say a savior—to restore order. It's not hard to imagine a scenario in which America submits to the leadership of anyone who promises hope. Even if that person is the Antichrist.


  1. Good day Greg,
    One of the things that happened in the last century was that professors who had a Christian worldview became frustrated at fighting the secular stream at secular universities. So they joined Christian colleges and universities.
    This not only removed "the other side" from the debate, it also removed the restraining influence that the existence of another sides engenders.
    When the believers leave, the under-appreciated restraints that the believers have propogated as well as a chunk of the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit will leave as well.
    The definitions of "good, moral, right, just" will all slide on a slippery slope that has no respect of absolutes. Ethical judgments will be left to the situation.
    My conclusion: I would not want to be here.
    Godspeed! Larry

  2. Yes, it will be hell on earth when the Restrainer is removed!! You wonder how anyone can become born again, but surprisingly, there will be converts (most of whom will be martyred!)

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