Monday, March 3, 2014

Keep Your Fork

After the table is cleared from the main course, and dessert is yet to come, the hostess will say, “Keep your fork,” meaning something sweet is coming—something not to miss, so “keep your fork.”

One time I taught a Friday/Saturday seminar to a men’s group that was followed by a teaching to the entire congregation on Sunday. Just before my sermon, several men got up and shared how the week-end seminar had affected them. I’ll never forget one man who stood up with a fork in hand. Lifting it up, he said he had come that morning expecting another good meal, something even sweeter than the day before, and he didn't want to miss a morsel.

What if we approached God like that! Yes, He provides our daily bread, but doesn't He give us dessert too!  After our main meal of the day, it is easy to put down your fork and walk away, as though our sweet fellowship is over. What delights we miss when we do not expect His desserts. If you don’t have a “keep your fork” attitude, you could miss the sweet things He has prepared for you throughout your day.

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