Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Don’t take life so seriously"

Altha and I saw the movie “Soul Surfer” last weekend—a film that unapologetically presents a Christian world view. Teen-ager Bethany Hamilton’s faith in Jesus sustains her after losing her arm in a shark attack! I have since seen the “real” Bethany interviewed on TV—a serious champion surfer who is just as serious about Jesus.

The phrase “don’t take life so seriously” seems to be the 21st century American mantra (Is anyone really taking the National Debt seriously?) And according to a recent survey (2011) by researcher George Barna, American Christians are not taking God too seriously. Only 14% of professing Christians say their relationship with God is their highest life priority.

And anyone who tries to warn of judgment on America, like David Wilkerson, in his book "America's Last Call," is viewed as a doomsayer.  Most people just don't want to hear it.  "You're taking this all too seriously," they say.

 Leonard Ravenhill once said: "Many people criticize me for being too serious. But do they really think that on Judgment Day, Christ will chastise me, saying, 'Leonard, you took me too seriously?"

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