Monday, April 25, 2011

Will they be watching Jesus on YouTube?

Yesterday in an interview with ABC News Reporter Christiane Amanpour, Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s oldest son, said he thinks the second coming of Jesus Christ could be a social media event captured by millions of mobile phones, explaining, “The Bible says that Christ will come on the clouds and every eye is going to see it.”

I have always thought that Christ’s visibility to the whole world at once would just be a rather supernatural event. But Graham finds a ‘natural’ explanation for it! Just think of it! Everyone will be taking pictures with their cell phones and sending them throughout the entire world by picture and video messaging, which will be watched on YouTube, and shared on Face book, and "tweeps" tweeting it in real time.  Graham seems to be suggesting not only that Jesus' return is imminent, but that the phenomenon of social media is one more proof that everything is getting in place for the world’s greatest event! 


  1. Greg,

    The saddest thing about the "world's greatest event" is that if you see it on YouTube or Twitter or your cellphone or iPad, etc., it may very well be too late to do anything about it!


  2. Yes, there is an absurdity about it, isn't there!