Friday, August 17, 2012

If you're humble, you won't grumble. Ouch!

I was recently convicted of grumbling (yet again) while listening to teacher Tim Keller, Redeemer Church, NYC, who rightly named it spiritual pride. Proud people grumble because think they deserve better. Ouch!  Proud people criticize others because it makes them feel superior. Ouch!  Humble people have compassion on others; and they are grateful for what they have. Ouch!

But let’s be real. Who isn't tempted to grumble when life takes that unexpected left turn?  And it's hard to hold your tongue even more if God seems distant, silent and unresponsive to your needs. And then add to that the feelings of guilt because you know you should be “rejoicing in the Lord at all times.” But grumbling dishonors God—it is like saying He’s not a very good Father! Ouch!

Straight shooter Joyce Meyers says it well: “We need to ask ourselves, how quick we are to become impatient and complain when stuck in traffic or waiting in the checkout lane? How quick are we to point out the faults of our friends or family?  Do we complain about our job when we should be thankful we have one? The best antidote for complaining is thanks. Truly thankful people don't  complain. They are too busy being grateful for all the good things they have.”  Ouch!

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