Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Satan’s Finest Hour

With the advent of the Republican National Convention this week, Romney is the man of the hour.  Remember when Jesus said, “My hour is not yet come” (John 2:4)? His death on the cross was his “finest hour.”  Satan is waiting for his hour. With Europe’s debt, upheaval across the Middle East, Iran’s aggression toward Israel, global terrorism, and a myriad of other evils, the world is ripe for a leader who will fend off economic collapse, and bring about peace.

A vast majority of the world, especially in the West, are still hopeful that things will turn around. One wonders how educated and sophisticated Americans can be so gullible to believe any person can accomplish the task of making things right again. This naiveté will set the stage for a person who will lead and unite the world.

This person will rise to power with a brilliant 7-year plan for world peace, prosperity and safety (Rev. 13). His charisma, accompanied by miracles, will be so persuasive even post-rapture believers will be deceived (Matt. 24:24).  He will be worshipped as the Messiah.  It will be Satan’s finest hour.

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