Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where's the "Sparkle"?

T.D. Jakes, popular author/pastor has produced a new movie "Sparkle," rife with sexual promiscuity, nudity, domestic abuse, and drugs.  How does Jakes justify such sensuality as entertainment? His feeble attempt to emphasize love, faith and perseverance is over-shadowed by the film's underlying values: deceit, jealousy, strife, greed.

“It has been asked whether certain kinds of entertainment are appropriate for Christians. When entertainment is crude or off-color, the answer seems too obvious. When actions we would never allow in our daily life are part of entertainment, something is wrong. Much of the content of popular entertainment contains elements the Bible expressly forbids. Somehow, when it comes in the form of entertainment, we find it less offensive. In reality it is all the more dangerous. We often let our guard down when engaging in entertainment. I fear we have ben conditioned to accept such things in much the same way that a frog learns to accept ever-warming water, until eventually it is boiled to death. Such is the influence of the entertainment industry in our time.”

The above quote is an excerpt from “Real Christianity” written by William Wilberforce in 1797.  I am sure he never imagined anything like what we call entertainment today!

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