Wednesday, December 5, 2012


In 2009 Obama and Congress passed a stimulus bill of $830 billion. That was preceded, you may recall, by a 2008 loan of $700 billion (TARP) to stimulate the sluggish economy. And did you know that Obama is now asking for another stimulus bill of $500 billion in this year’s proposed budget?

But it isn’t just government trying to stimulate us. If you watch CNN or Fox cable news, you are familiar with the banners at the bottom of the screen that say “Breaking News” and “News Alert”—messages intended to stimulate our interest enough to keep us watching. And have you noticed that if there is no exciting news to report on, they sensationalize almost anything?!

As I reflected on yesterday's post about earthly stimulants, I realized how fundamental it is to human behavior. God created sensual human beings, who, with their senses, would be able to appreciate His glory (Ps 19; Rom 1:20). But it was the senses that Satan used to spoil the human race, when Eve succumbed to the serpent’s sensational suggestions. And he's still trying to fool us into following our fickle feelings. Which is why Paul says “walk by faith, not by sight [senses] (2 Co 5:7). Wouldn't that be sensational?!

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