Wednesday, December 19, 2012

There oughta be a law

The slayings of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School have reignited the debate on gun control—specifically, a ban on assault weapons. Whenever innocent people are affected by some terrible tragedy, politicians and citizens alike say, “There oughta be a law.”

Coincidentally, also in today’s USA is an article about curbing drunkenness in Britian by legislating higher prices, assuming drinkers will drink less. We may agree that there oughta be a law, but we know that no law can change a heart: drinkers drink and killers kill.

And finally, another article in today's paper reports that mass killings (where 4 or more are killed) in America are now happening every two weeks. Is the increased violence the sign of the end times called the “power of lawlessness” (2 Thess. 2:7)?  If so, no man-made law will stop it.  Only God can do that when he put His law in our minds and writes it on our hearts" (Jer 31:33).


  1. Good morning Dr. Greg,
    Though we want to believe that all of us can be good all of the time, the truth is all too evident that this is not the case.
    As long as some form of selfishness exists, and peoples' identity is chained to that, there will always be strife and turmoil, both individually and as a society.
    And you are correct, that it does require the working of God to change the person from the inside out.
    During the revival that happened in England, the revival became so widespread that people were wondering what to do with the police departments, as they did not feel there was a need for them anymore. My, how times have changed, but God hasn't.
    Larry Q

  2. and nether has the human heart or the unspeakable evil it is capable of!