Friday, April 4, 2014

Civil Rights and Wrongs

Last week, Michigan became the 18th state to allow gay marriage after a U.S. District Court overturned the State's law defining marriage as between a man and a woman. When the Courts began redefining moral issues as civil rights, our culture took a moral U-turn, catching biblical conservatives off guard. As it is highly doubtful these decision will be reversed, our challenge, going forward, is to defend the integrity and authority of God’s Word despite claims that a book written eons ago is no longer relevant.

To have thoughtful, intelligent discussions about  civil rights and morality will require diligent Bible study (2 Tim 2:15) by us whose duty  it is to judge ‘modern’ issues against the ageless principles of Scripture. And not with rigid legalism, but in words seasoned with grace and love (Eph. 4:15, 29) to  express the heart of God. (Do you remember how Moses incurred God’s wrath when he struck the rock in anger?)  Our charge is to show the world that He is a God of love and grace and, yes, HOLINESS—no matter how ‘uncivil’ it may seem!

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