Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Hollywoodized “NOAH”

Controversy about the movie “NOAH” started even before the film hit the theaters.  And not just from fundamental Christians; three Muslim nations banned the film. Not to be thwarted, the movie topped $75 million at the box office.  The problem with “NOAH” is not just that Hollywood writers took creative license to turn the brief Genesis story into a 2-hour feature. They totally debased it: the act of creation is adapted to fit evolution; God is seen as condemning, not redeeming; God’s mercy to save is subverted by His desire to destroy. And rather than a “preacher of righteousness” (2 Pet 2:5), Noah is a murderous sociopath. 

Of course Hollywood's version is man-centered; the Genesis account, Christ-centered. The flood pictures the need for a Savior; the Ark personifies the Savior. The door points to Jesus, “I am the door; by Me if any one enters in, he shall be saved” (John 10:9). And did you know that the door to Noah's Ark remained open, to all, until the very end!?  They say the movie is never as good as the book. Isn't that the truth! (In fact, that is the only true thing you can say about  the movie “NOAH”!)


  1. I was personally shocked by how many of my Christian friends who went so blindly thinking the movie would somehow honor the Biblical account, and were terribly disappointed afterwards. I read the reviews first and decided I didn't care to see it. I wish I could tell them "Just because it says it's about the Bible doesn't make it about the Bible!" I think many believers are either way too naive, or think that anything named after Bible story must be awesome. As if they say "Look! The world made Bible movie! Jesus is going to save the nation!" Oh well, they gave millions to someone who just slandered our God...

  2. Of course the movie is much worse than I've said on many details, but I wanted to cover the Big ones, like God's character, first of all, and Noah's character second. The reason I don't like "Bible Character" movies is because I grew up hearing the stories and loving them so much. No Hollywood actor can do them justice. I suppose Jim Caviezel, a Christ-loving disciple, came closest to playing Jesus in the Passion. Thanks for your comment.