Friday, February 3, 2012

Is He The Beast or The Lion?

Last August, Turkey’s Foreign Minister warned Syrian President Assad that if he didn't stop the slaughter of his people, NATO would intercede. Assad retorted: "Six hours after the first shot is fired against Syria, we will destroy Tel Aviv and set the entire Middle East on fire. God help you if anything befalls this regime."

Iran (Syria's ally) also has plans to "wipe Israel off the map." Last Sunday on "60 Minutes,” Leon Panetta, expressing concern about Iran’s nuclear program, said "we will take whatever steps are necessary to stop it."  And considering Russia's economic and military assistance to both countries, you can't help but see a 'time bomb' ready for detonation. Some political analysts say war is inevitable. And I agree.

Even the U.S. , which has been reluctant to get involved, is speaking out. This week Hillary Clinton, on route to NY to meet with the UN Security Council, said: "The status quo is unsustainable and the resulting instability could spill over throughout the region." (Tel Aviv is only 50 miles from Damascus.)

While I don't believe Assad is the antichrist, I find it fascinating that Assad’s family name used to be Wahash, which means "beast," until they changed it to Assad, which means "lion." Therefore, Assad was a “Beast," and is now a "Lion" (Rev. 13:5-6).  The Bible says in the last days the “king of the north" will attack Israel (Ez. 38:10-12); and the "beast" will take part in it (Rev. 19:19).  I think we better keep our eyes on Syria.

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