Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Makes Life Better?

Fifty years ago the marketers of Coca Cola cashed in on the American ethos: the pursuit of better. Four years ago, Joel Osteen made a fortune with his book, “Become a Better You.” While studying the book of Hebrews, I was struck by how many times the author uses the word “better”—better country, better covenant, better hope. Had I missed something? Is there a doctrine of “better?”

As I dove into the study of “better,” I found that each reference had something to do with making our relationship with God better. None of the words “better” had to do with self-improvement—none of them was self-oriented. Then it struck me: that’s what Satan told Eve in the Garden—that he could give them something better than what they currently had. Satan was marketing self-improvement long before psychologist Carl Rogers invented 'person-centered' therapy!

Jeremiah said the heart is desperately sick and cannot be cured (17:9; 30:5). “Better” is simply not an option. You won’t be surprised that I love this quote by Professor Dr. Michael Horton: “He doesn’t come to improve us; he comes to kill us, in order to raise us to newness of life.” God doesn’t want to give you a better life—He wants to give you a brand new life. Why settle for "better" when you can have "best!"


  1. We just need to believe that as the Best Father He wants the best for us, not what we ourselves consider best but what He does. And it is always amazingly surprising, beyond our thoughts and expectations, completely supernatural. A new creature in Christ Jesus is beyond we could ever think or imagine.:)