Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Linderella Story

No doubt some of you would be surprised if I didn't comment on the Jeremy Lin phenomenon. For those of you who don’t read newspapers or watch TV news, you might have missed this. But Jeremy Lin's is the story of an underdog basketball player who jumped out of obscurity to take the NBA by storm and become a record-smashing star of the New York Knicks.  And, he is a born again believer.

The fact that he credits God for his success is drawing comparisons to quarterback Tim Tebow who, as we all know, “wears his religion on his sleeve.” Now, Lin has taken the “wearing it on your sleeve” thing quite literally, sporting a wristband that reads "In Jesus Name I Play." 

What is the significance of this?  First, it looks to me like God has raised up these young men to be like Daniel's friends (the ones thrown in the fiery furnace): they are taking heat for declaring their faith in Jesus; and in so doing, challenging the rest of us to be more bold.  And second, by their message, they have transcended the game of wins and losses for the greater gain of winning the hearts of the lost (who are seeing two strong and powerful, yet sensitive, young men unashamed to tell you they love Jesus).

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