Friday, December 13, 2013

Chips to make you Thin

No, not a potato chip. Swiss scientists are developing a computer chip implant that will check for fat in the blood and release a hormone that satisfies hunger. It occurs to me many people with insatiable hunger would admit they need an appetite suppressant less than they need a better way of dealing with unmet emotional needs for which food becomes a comforting substitute. A computer chip can’t cure that.

God created us with an eating-motivator called appetite, without which we might not eat enough to stay alive. Likewise, He has given us spiritual appetites, without which we will die. “I made you hungry and then I gave you bread that wouldn’t satisfy you so that you would know me as the Bread of Life” (Deut. 8:16). Scientists may think their discovery is 'all that and a bag of chips.' But it is only the life-changing, deeply satisfying words “that come from the mouth of God” (Matt. 4:4) that will satiate that lonely ‘self’ searching the fridge late at night for fruitless fare!

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