Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This Christmas, what will they See?

In just 8 days, all eyes will (for an instant) be on Jesus. But what will they see? A baby in a manger?

Will they see Jesus on the Mount teaching with authority? Or walking on the water, calming a storm, and healing the sick? Will they see Him in the Garden praying with loud crying and tears? Will they see Him impaled on a cross, abandoned and alone. Will they see Him standing at an empty tomb in His resurrected body? Will they see Him seated on high at God's right hand. Will they see Him as the Alpha and Omega, the I AM, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? 

In consideration of these rhetorical questions, there are two much more personal questions we must ask. First, what will we see? And second, when a world of people who are blind to, and ignorant of, the real Jesus look at us, what will they see? Will they see Jesus?

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