Monday, February 17, 2014

The Middle East Mess

These days, all eyes are glued to the volatility in the Middle East. The Arab Spring destabilized regimes in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. Syria and Iraq have become awash with competing insurgencies. In Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood is gaining popular support. Saudi Arabia and Iran are saber-rattling for regional dominance. And throughout the region, irreconcilable differences between Sunnis and Shiites cloud every issue. (Not to mention the futility of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.)
As Iran moves relentlessly toward production of its first atomic bomb, it is anyone's guess how close the Middle East is to nuclear battle.  Many think it is only a matter of time before Israel strikes Iran preemptively. And as the clock runs out, the world fearfully awaits the fireworks!  But we, who know that the Middle East is center stage for prophetic fulfillment, are not afraid. These volatile regional events are precursors to the return of Christ when this knotty “Middle East Mess” will be unraveled—forever!

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