Wednesday, February 5, 2014

You have just Entered the No-Blame Zone

Shifting blame is a sure sign we are the “sons” of Adam, who not only blamed Eve, but God too—“After all, God, you gave this woman to me!” I wonder what the rest of Adam’s very long life was like. How long did it take him to stop blaming God?  Imagine how awful it must have been to see the consequences of his wrong choice played out in subsequent generations.

But aions later, God is still getting the blame for the world's troubles. “Mother Nature,” a euphemism for a sovereign God, is blamed for every natural disaster; and every man-caused tragedy evokes the thought on everyone's mind, “Where was God?” When calamity strikes you, what is your first response!? 

I know this blog post is not the right venue for a ‘theodicy’—a defense of God’s character in an evil world. Suffice it to say that one day, Satan will be judged; and sin and suffering will cease. Then everyone who blamed God will understand. Until then, let us make every effort to stay in the “No-Blame Zone.”

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