Thursday, January 13, 2011

As Luck would have it

I suppose many of you won’t know who Andrew Luck is. He is a young man (21) in his third year at Stanford University who emerged as one of the top football players in the nation, leading Stanford to a 12-1 record and a victory in last week’s Orange Bowl. Naturally, everyone expected Andrew Luck to move on to the National Football League where he was sure to gain instant celebrity, a multi-million dollar contract, and millions in commercial endorsements. Some might say Andrew is a lucky guy.

But joining the NFL would mean dropping out of school before obtaining his degree. And the serious Luck would have none of that. Not one to count on luck, Luck was staying in school. And given his intelligent choice, showing foresight, diligence, and good work ethic, I think it is obvious that luck has nothing to do with Andrew's success. This young man’s decision proves his character.

To use another sports metaphor, Andrew Luck has set the bar pretty high—refusing to give in to the you-can-have-it-all-now, immediate gratification value of his generation. And even more refreshing, refusing to be influenced or shaped by his culture. I don’t know if Luck is a Christian, but his decision has the mark of godliness. Speaking of athletes and soldiers in the same vein, Paul says they are those who keep their focus, not distracted by the lure of the culture (2 Tim. 2). And so should be our attitude when short-term happiness threatens our long-term focus—we should all be so ‘lucky.’


  1. Thanks for this entry. Character,
    something God is forming in me during a dark period in my life.

    Go Cardinals!

  2. Thank you both. I enjoy finding a good story like this one. The real sports illustrations are the people.