Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Rid of that Post-Holiday Weight Gain is a "Piece of Cake"

Shortly after the New Year, a junk email showed up in my inbox that nearly shouted at me: “Too Much Holiday Food? Get Back In Shape With Beach Body Fitness Programs.” Ha! , I thought; I don’t think anyone wants to see this 62-year old body on the beach (nonetheless in a speedo)! Seriously, I’m having trouble this year losing my annual “holiday” weight gain. (The term “belly fat” has taken on new meaning!) Overindulgence in holiday treats and less time at the gym have apparently shrunk my Levi’s.

But it all comes down to self-control, which has everything to do with being able to stand against temptation. (By the way, ‘self-control’ is a gift from God that I should have already opened long before Christmas. And should have been using!)

Though there is some comfort in knowing Jesus was tempted in every way as we are, He never caved in to uncontrolled appetite—He never had to go on a diet. Why? He knew how to draw from that place of Holy-Spirit empowered self-control. So rather than setting a goal to lose 10 pounds, I should be aiming to walk in the same Spirit-empowered self-control as Jesus did. After all, how can I expect to pull down strongholds of Satan if don’t even have the strength to close the refrigerator door?


  1. Greg,

    Your own example of recently discovered evidence of your body's holiday indulgences reminds me of the Principle of Parallel Truths.
    On one hand you are confronted with the need to restrict your intake of low density, high calorie foods, along with taking a more vigorous approach to focused time at the gym. You can view this need as a challenge or a chore that denies your taste buds what they feel it is rightfully theirs to experience.

    Or, you can view this as an opportunity to exercise your freedom to choose high density, highly nutritious foods that actually nourish your body and keep it at its optimum, operating level, thereby making you truly feel better from the additional stamina, thus equipping you for your life's daily surprises.

    I believe Jesus chose to focus on His freedom to eat nutrition-laden foods, rather than trying to avoid the calorie-rich treats readily available to Him. We all would do well to follow His example and focus our attention on our freedom as opposed to our restrictions, even though temptation to indulge is just as real from one moment to the other!

    But I am still learning to do this myself :)


  2. I believe many illness are truly psychosomatic: problems brought on by abusing our bodies. and this is why Paul says bodily discipline is of some value. I believe he would endorse good nutrition while enjoy sugar every once in a while!!