Monday, January 3, 2011

What will You and Michael Vick do with Your Fresh Start?

In this first blog post of the new year, I’d like to proclaim “it is a new day!” But you already knew that. Because every day in Christ is ‘new’ (Ro. 6:4); and every day begins with a fresh start (Lam. 3:23). One of the reason everyone loves a “rags to riches” story is that it offers a fresh start to the person who had a bad start.

A few years ago, Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, was given a fresh start. His is a story of a young man who went from “rags to riches,” then “riches to rags,” and now “rags to riches” again. (Are you still with me?) His is a story of redemption—of God’s grace and mercy. You see, Michael Vick was born again.

You are probably familiar with Michael’s remarkable story. In 2001, barely out of his teens, he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. His performance on the field resulted in two season playoffs. His salary and endorsements made him one of the riches players in the NFL. But that all ended in 2007 when he was indicted and pled guilty to running an illegal interstate dog fighting operation. Michael served 21 months in prison, lost his position with the Falcons along with millions in endorsements—he was forced to file for bankruptcy. Disgraced, no one ever thought he would play national football again.

Then while in prison, Michael was born again. And upon release, he was drafted by the Eagles, and is back on the top again—arguably one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. The question of Michael’s real comeback—his conversion—is still in question. People are asksing 'was his a “jail house” conversion?' Or has he sincerely thrown off his past of gambling and drugs? Though Michael’s success on the gridiron is irrefutable, the question remains. What is Michael Vick doing for God's kingdom with his fresh start? Let me say it again: Today is a fresh start for all of us. What will you do with yours?


  1. Greg,

    We can at least pray for Micahel Vick to be receptive to godly mentors in his life. The scrutiny by the media has been the bane of many "celebrities" who started their walk in Christ, but who succumbed to the pressures of publicity. It is one thing for us to learn about our new life as Christians by trial and error; it is entirely another thing to have every error broadcasted over the air, internet, and in print (with pictures, too!).

    The wisdom, understanding, and knowledge we need to navigate the complexities of life found in the Word are no less available to Michael than they are to us. Let's intercede for the man to discover this early on!


  2. I agree. "Father, we ask you to intercede on bahalf of our brother in Christ Michael Vick. Bring Godly men into his life to disciple him and teach him the word. We pray you will sanctify Michael Vick, set him apart for the 'good works' you created him to do." Amen