Monday, January 10, 2011

"Don't Stop Believin"

"Don't Stop Believin,” a popular song by the rock band ‘Journey’ (1981), was described by Billboard Magazine as "an anthem for the young who wanted to feel free and unrestricted.” What a great analogy for Christian over-comers—those who refuse to live by the restrictions of the visible realm; choosing to believe in the God without limitations (Mark 10:27). God delights to see His people trust Him in the midst of gigantic problems that no man can solve. At such times, we prove we believe in an almighty God.

When the Israelites heard of the size of the giants of Canaan, they said to themselves, "These giants are too big to handle." God’s response was “Don’t’ be afraid; I will fight for you, just as I did in Egypt?" But they refused to trust God, and ended up in a desert of despair, wilderness wanderers, for the next 40 years.

The writer of Hebrews says they remained in the Wilderness because of unbelief. Certainly, at one point in time, they believed! When did they stop believing the God who had delivered them from Egypt? (When did we?) God is looking for men like Joshua and Caleb, who will believe and proclaim that there is nothing impossible for God. Canaan still waits for those who won't stop believin.

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