Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Nice" is the New Amoral Ethic

When I was in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan, I chose to live with a Muslim family. They were the nicest people you will ever meet. But their view of salvation is wrong.  Sadly, being “nice” won’t save them.

In the last few years, Americans are accepting gay marriage. Not surprising when one sees TV images of “nice” people seeking equality. Likewise, gay groups succeeded in convincing the Boy Scouts of America to end its ban against homosexual members, but stopping short of removing the ban against gay adults as leaders. Will it be overturned as BSA realizes it's not “nice” to prohibit a “nice” gay Eagle Scout from leading younger scouts just because he turns 18? 

Recently, Pope Francis gave a sermon implying that atheists might be saved if they do good deeds, i.e., be “nice.”  “Nice” is the new amoral ethic. It’s hard to find fault in “nice.” But anyone holding to the timeless morals of the Bible and the exclusivity of Christ is going to be progressively thought of as not very “nice.”


  1. It is definitely a test to our reputation! :)

  2. Is it the same way in Spain? Is gay marriage approved there?

  3. Hello Greg, I am reading an informative article by the pastor of "Comunidad Ebenezer" here in Madrid, pastor Joaquín Yebra. I attend one of their "points of mission", a small congregation that is part of the group of "Comunidad Ebenezer".
    In October 2010 Metropolitan Community Church opened a church in Spain -He explains this group comes from the US and was founded by Troy Perry, this having being excommunicated for his homosexual practices. Apparently, a year before, in 2009 the first "Christian" gay church was started in Sagunto (East coast of Spain)
    This doesn't mean that before there were no gay churches, but this church has made kind of an official entrance. Before the legalization of same gender marriages they were various gay churches and communities in Spain: "Christian homosexuals" in Málaga; Iglesia cristiana metropolitana, Huelva; St. Sebastan Inclusive Church, -Maspalomas, Gran Canaria.
    This gives you a glimpse of the overall panorama. :)