Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spinning in Circles

Four years ago in London, a 22-year old man who was attempting to set the Guinness world record for spinning in circles suddenly collapsed and died.  The idiom “spinning in circles” or “going around in circles” means to keep going over the same ground without getting anywhere.  In other words, no progress, no life.

Of course there is a personal parallel here.  When life events seem beyond our control, and we are not getting anywhere, we have two choices.  We can surrender to God’s sovereignty: “my life and times are in your hands”—(Ps. 31:5).  Or we can attempt in our own effort to make things happen the way we want.  But when we try to take control, we may find, in the end, we are getting nowhere. 

So what do we do when we get this feeling that we are spinning in circles?  Stop moving!  Slow down!  Wait!  Waiting on God is the remedy for that awful feeling.  He promises to lead us in a straight path (Prov. 3:6, Jer. 31:9). Or, in other words, whenever you get that feeling you are spinning in circles, you should get off your feet and get on your knees.


  1. I've experimented firsthand what you just say about getting from your feet to your knees. That's exactly what the Lord has been showing me in different occasions when I felt I just couldn't do anything about a situation.
    It blows me away how the Holy Spirit speaks to you in a certain way and He just does the same exactly to me. -It has happened to me with other brothers and sisters in the Lord- What a wonderful assurance to have a Teacher that teaches everybody the same thing. :)

    I thank the Lord for what He is doing in your life and I admire and respect you very much for the attitude of heart you have towards Him. I think that attitude of heart ushers the glory of God in your life.
    2 Corinthians 4:16-18

  2. as the old hymn says, "May Jesus Christ be praised."