Friday, June 1, 2012

Banning Sodas; Allowing Abortions

Yesterday I wrote of moral “ambiguity” penetrating our culture. Today I’m thinking moral “relativism” may be more precise. Two timely stories on the News last night illustrate this. Yesterday, Congress refused to pass a law that would have banned abortions based on the gender of the fetus, i.e. sex-selection abortion. The very next news item of the day was NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to ban high-calorie, super-sized sodas and other sugary drinks at stores, restaurants, and sporting events in NYC. In other words, there is a cultural shift going on right before our eyes: anti-obesity laws are in; anti-abortion laws are out.

Ironically, and significantly, while government intervention is seen as necessary to prevent obesity, government intervention in abortion is seen as intruding on individual rights. With regard to the former, USDA already regulates what children can eat at school. Last month I read that a school forbad a child from eating the ‘brown bag’ lunch his mother had sent with him to school. Deemed nutritionally deficient, they tossed it, and sent him to the school cafeteria to get a decent meal.

With regard to the sex-selective abortion, you probably know that selective gender abortion is a common practice in Communist China where the ‘one-child-per-couple’ laws result in abortions of girl babies. After years of excoriating China’s horrific abortion policy, Americans are now moving in the same direction. Can you see what’s happening? “In the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves, scoffing at God; they will consider nothing sacred” (2 Tim. 3:1-3).


  1. excellent contrast...thank you for taking the time to write this article and keeping these inconsistencies before us and in our minds.

  2. I have to give credit to Albert Mohler who brings these things up in his blogs.