Monday, June 11, 2012

Would you barcode your baby?

Microchip implants have become more common for our pets, but have encountered more resistance when it comes to people. Were you aware that there has been an ongoing debate about bar-coding infants at birth, as an easy way for every individual to have a unique permanent ID?

Did you know that in 2002 an implantable ID chip was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration? But it was discontinued in 2010 due to concerns about privacy and safety. Rightfully, opponents argue it would create a “Big Brother” society where all citizens can be tracked. Furthermore, opponents are concerned about security breaches by hackers. Imagine if someone could get access to your personal ID chip? (The thought of being internally hacked gives me the creeps!)

One security expert said the time will come when these issues are resolved. “We can have security; we can have convenience; and we can have privacy,” he said. If he is right, then public acceptance will follow. And we will have a computer data base that covers the entire globe, keeping track of every man, woman and child, where they are, and when and what they buy and sell. Sounds exactly like the one predicted in Revelation 13:17.


  1. Hi Dr. Greg, there are those that have implanted RFiD chips so that they can interact with their world without having keys (doors for home, car, etc.). I can remember when the ATM was thought and dismissed as being the horizon event for a global economic system. Yet, I used my ATM in Europe with no problems. Because of the threat of hacking, I can see the day when they will be able to sell unique people identifiers that are implanted. They cannot "hack" your identity if it is attached to you (brings a gruesome meaning to an electronic definition). And in order for that system to work, everyone eventually needs to be in the system. The old adage, giving up some freedom for greater security comes to mind. And as the rest of that goes, those who do give up freedom for security deserve neither (which is what will happen during those tribulation years).
    Godspeed! -lq-

    1. what a great word and good insight. And I am aware we need to be careful not to call every new gadget the 'mark of the beast.' but one of these days, there will be a new gadget that is, in fact, the 'mark.'