Friday, June 22, 2012

Everyone is talking Apocalypse

At the end of the year, the Bush tax cuts will expire and increase the payroll taxes of all Americans. One economist coined the phrase “Taxmageddon.” Another called it an “apocalyptic deadline.” Everyone seems to have an affinity for end-of-the-world language. Hollywood is fascinated with apocalyptic themes, producing movies about zombies, aliens, atomic wars, plagues, and natural disasters.

Adding to the end-time frenzy are: the explosion of information technology; geopolitical revolutions; and ecological changes (whether global warming or not) causing unprecedented storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis—all of which produce a sense of urgency, of earth shattering events, and global devastation. Indeed, apocalyptic anxiety is everywhere. People may not know where the world is going, but they sense it's going there fast.

Apocalyptic terminology is here to stay. That’s a good thing. Hopefully it will unnerve and awaken comfortable Americans to the reality that the permanency of this world is not guaranteed. We must be ready to share the message of salvation that Jesus is the Beginning and the END of all things.

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