Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eat Your Heart Out Now: The Diet Police are Coming

There are few things more satisfying on Planet Earth than comfort foods, usually made of sugar, flour, dairy, and starches, and typically not green. Let’s be honest; most of us eat and drink to satisfy our emotional appetite—called ‘guilty (or sinful) pleasures.’

While people have always had emotional affairs with food, new anti-obesity laws could become as threatening as prohibition was to alcohol. In what could be a model for other cities or states, NY City Mayor Bloomberg wants to pass a bill limiting the size of sodas sold in NY City to 16 ounces. While no one can deny the obesity problem, does anyone really believe increased regulation will reduce waistlines? And ironically, while nutritionists are telling us to eat healthy, the sugar-and-butter seducing Food Network shows are more popular than ever.

Truth be told, food cravings are an expression of the legitimate longings of human beings. While sugar may satisfy that longing temporarily, until people know what those longings represent, and begin to meet them in personal relationship with Jesus, passing heartless laws won’t make a hint of a difference.  Unfortunately, nutritionists and politicians will find that hard to swallow.

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