Friday, June 29, 2012

Is Egypt the end-time "King of the South?"

Mohamed Mursi, a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood, has won the presidency in Egypt. And for the first time in history, an Islamist now leads the largest Arab country in the world. Too few people know the truth about this group, or if they do, don’t take it seriously.

The first thing to know is that The Muslim Brotherhood wants ‘sharia’ law (from the book of Koran) to be the law of the land. This will put Christians and other non-Muslims at great risk (just look at the persecution in Iran and Afghanistan). And apparently, there will be little resistance to this.  A recent poll of Egyptians showed that 84% favor the death penalty for Muslims who convert to Christianity.

Second, the Muslim Brotherhood believes their destiny is to destroy Israel and make Jerusalem the capital of an Islamic kingdom (called a caliphate), a ‘United States of Arab' nations. And according to Daniel 11, the King of the South (most probably Egypt) will lead this coalition of Arabs in an invasion against Israel during the tribulation. Indeed, the rule of a radical Islamist in Egypt is yet one more event that sets the stage for end-time Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

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