Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is Noah knocking on your door?

Spain just received an unprecedented $125 billion from European banks to keep itself from insolvency. Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal and Ireland will follow soon.  Can the rest of Europe be far behind? The US, Japan, China and Brazil, which rely on Europeans to buy their exports, are vulnerable. The dreaded question no one wants to ask: what will happen when the credit dries up?

Another drain on nations’ economies are the wars that divert money from things that are more profitable. Adding to that are the unbudgeted, and extreme, costs of natural disasters—earthquake, fires, floods—that sap limited tax revenues. Some governments (like ours) just print more money. But that threatens to cause super-inflation. Are we getting close to the time when “a loaf of wheat bread or three loaves of barley will cost a day's pay” (Rev. 6:6)?

Despite these signs of danger on the horizon, the tendency is to dismiss it as “Chicken Little” nonsense. Nobody wants to consider there might be a day of reckoning. The 'signs' are no more regarded than a car alarm in a crowded parking lot. Jesus said the last days would be like those  of Noah. Have we become like Noah's neighbors who, when he came knocking on their door to warn of impending peril, pretended not to be home?

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