Wednesday, October 9, 2013

At His Feet

One of the sweetest stories in the Gospels has to be when Jesus visited the home of Mary and Martha. While Martha had her ‘feet on the ground’—she was sensible and practical, Mary had her feet up, relatively speaking! While Martha fixated on festal foods, Mary yearned for finer fare at the feet of Jesus.

“Sitting at one’s feet” is a timeless idiom, meaning “pay worshipful attention to.” And while Mary was setting her mind on Jesus, a mortally-minded Martha was being held hostage to the familiar. This was Mary’s “break-out” moment—not to do great feats, but to love His.

“Falling at one’s feet” is another timeless idiom, with similar meaning. The Gospel writers record a number of times people fell at His feet and worshipped Him. I wonder how much more they would have done so, if they had known His feet would one day be nailed to a Cross for them. How different was their unrestrained expression from our Sunday morning church-goers sitting at the foot of a stage sipping coffee and eating doughnuts.

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