Thursday, October 17, 2013

Driving with Androids

When Greyhound Lines had a slogan, “Leave the driving to us,” I took a bus to Denver. But it took 40 hours (I could have driven it in 18). But Good News! We'll soon have an alternative: “Leave the driving to Androids.”

By next year, you will be able to purchase a hands-free car. While technology is still limited, fully driverless automatons will be ready by 2020. But I won’t. Putting myself in the hands of an android would drive me crazy. That said, however, relying on robots is something we must do if we are to survive in a world driven by computer chips.

How much more then should we trust God in the driver's seat. We have to believe our life is in His hands if we can be content in this world. Well, where the rubber meets the road is when He takes that first unexpected turn, or brakes suddenly. Will we grab the wheel away? Remember how hard it was on Israel when God 'drove' them out of the Promised Land? (Jer. 32:37). Maybe hands-on humans won't be so enamored with driverless autos after all.


  1. Good morning Greg,
    Good post. It reminds me of a problem that the US Air Force had with the pilots of a fighter bomber. The plane was equipped with terrain following radar that allowed the pilots to fly close to ground, but only if they trusted both the radar and the computer. There were crashes because the piolts would inevitably grab back the controls. They could not know as quickly nor as thoroughly nor respond as quickly as the radar and computer could. Their lack of trust led to disaster.
    God knows the terrain,and just as importantly, God knows us. He is able to guide us, if we trust Him. When I grab the steering wheel of my own life, I am disregarding the greatest resource I have available to me.
    Glad to be gripped by the One who does not let go, does not quit, does not give up,

  2. God says, "I will not TURN AWAY (ha!) from doing good to you!" (Jeremiah 32:40)