Friday, October 11, 2013

You cannot Live with a Tumor

In 2003 when a CT scan found a tumor in Steve Jobs’ pancreas, doctors urged him to have an operation, but Steve chose alternative remedies. Nine months later, when the tumor had grown, he agreed to surgery, but by then, the cancer had spread to his liver. Though a liver transplant bought him a few years, ultimately his battle strategy failed.

You will recall that God's strategy for dealing with cancerous idolatry in Canaan was total annihilation.  Sadly, Israel compromised, choosing alternative remedies. Fast forward 4,000 years, and we now have two generations of Americans who have grown up without another world war. Our strategy has been diplomacy: peace at all costs. However, recent unofficial talks by our government with Iran seem to be demonstrating a national naivetĂ© that we can make peace with an avowed enemy.

Canaan illustrates the necessity of a good battle strategy against the enemies of our soul—both within and without.  Coincidentally, we are living at a time in history when God's People are being asked to make peace with a sensually-driven culture. But it is a strategy as perilous as living with a tumor.

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