Tuesday, October 22, 2013

‘Born-agains’ that say "Whatever!"

Young American believers, according to a Probe Ministries survey, are moving away from a biblically-centered worldview. Specifically, only one in three believe Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. His survey also reveals that “born-agains,” as he calls them, have decreased by 22% since 1976. And, only 1 in 5 report they are wholeheartedly practicing their faith. Pretty alarming!?

But what is most disturbing is the suggestion that the two-thirds who do not believe Jesus is the only way are really born again. In Acts 16, Paul says to be born again one must “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.” Perhaps some did at first, but allowed this “whatever-culture” to lead them away from the truth. If so, they are dangerously deceived, but (I believe) born again. However, the “born-agains” who never confessed Jesus as “the way, the truth, and the life” are not. Rather, they under the spell of an ambivalent culture that says, “Whatever!”


  1. Good morning Greg,
    Good post. This is a disturbing trend. In classical theology, one of the first things that is studied is "prologomena" (first things). In that area, one learns about how God has revealed Himself, how to interpret those epiphanies, and the authority of those revealings / interpretations. In the case you describe above, a "whatever" mindset reveals that this person is willing to trust the truthfulness and subsequent authority of his / her own imagination for eternal salvation. The analogy would be to say, "I don't like the road I am driving, so I am going to still use the steering wheel, but I am going to use a video game as my visual guide." What is disturbing is if this deluded person convinces someone else of their folly.
    Larry Q

  2. thanks Larry: these must be what Paul meant by doctrines of demons and deceitful spirits (1 tim 4:).