Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Great Feets"

‘Herod the Great,’ King of Judea in Jesus’ lifetime, is known for his great feats. His name seems a metaphor for natural man, not only trying to be better, but Something-the-Great! Such is the appeal of Joel Osteen’s newest book, “Break Out,” an appeal to break free of all limitations—truly footloose—and dream big.

Was this not the appeal of Satan to Adam, and then to Jesus. If they could only think ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ of themselves, what great feat they would have. Of course, it caused Adam to ‘get off on the wrong foot,’ leaving a foul foot print on each of us. Fortunately, he couldn't fool Jesus who said, “the ruler of the world has nothing in Me,” i.e., he can't find a foothold (John 14:30).

Someone has said, “It is a long road to the end of ourselves.” And when we get there, we will not have sore feet, as some might imagine, but ‘happy feet.’ One step at a time, we will walk in the good works He prepared for us (Eph. 2:10; 3:20), or in the homophonic language of this post, we will have “Great Feets.”

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