Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Church for Atheists

Nearly 6 % of Americans are atheists or agnostics. But, they still want to go to church! A year ago, two British atheists were inspired to start a church “without the God bit.” Their so-called “Sunday Assembly,” provides like-minded unbelievers with a community and a message to “live better, help often, wonder more.” The budding movement is growing, now with 35 chapters around the world, many in the U.S.

Of course those of us who are ‘believers’ can see the contradiction of an Atheist Church. The meaning of “church” is the “called out ones,” referring collectively to Christians, the body of Christ (Eph. 1:22-23). Yet, you can hardly fault the atheists; over the years, the word “church” has come to mean a building.

Not unlike many Christians, however, the atheists have confused “going to church” with “The Church.” In 1957, the founder of the “home church” movement in England, Canon Southcott, said, “We don’t go to church; we are the church.” Not unlike the atheists, unfortunately, many Christians need to stop thinking of the Church as a building or a service. Nor as an organization, but a living organism.

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