Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is there Persecution in the U.S.?

According to Open Doors ministry, Muslim countries are responsible for the majority of anti-Christian persecution in 2013. And among the top ten worst countries are U.S. 'allies' Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. The 2,123 martyrs in 2013 are twice those from 2012. While the numbers of imprisoned Christians is unknowable, it is estimated there are 70,000 Christians in prison camps in North Korea alone.

Concurrently, American Christians consider it persecution when prayers are no longer allowed in public schools, nor nativity scenes in the Public Square, when high school valedictorians cannot talk of Jesus, when army chaplains are restricted from praying in Jesus’ name. Persecution? It may be a precursor, but compared to what? When church burnings and beheadings are common in Nigeria, can an we legitimately use the word in America? 

When Jesus told the first disciples to “pick up your cross and follow me," they knew it was a death sentence. What would you do if you knew you might be attacked at church this week? Would you go anyway? This question confronts Christians in over 50 countries around the globe today. But not here. Not yet.

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