Monday, January 6, 2014

Plow Monday

This is a heads-up to any one who doesn't know that a week from today is “Plow Monday,” the start of the English agricultural year. Of course, no good farmer needs to be told this. He knows the time to plow, or plant. Just imagine if he didn’t.

Not being much of a farmer, I thought 2013 was my season for planting. Altha and I had moved to a new home, new state, ready for ‘new’ things. But then, God began plowing. Familiar with Hosea’s words “It is time to break up your fallow [unplowed] ground” (Hosea 10:12), I figured I had some hard soil that needed breaking up before I could be fully productive! Little did I know how much!

But, God is the archetypal agronomist—who “instructs the farmer and teaches him the right way to plow” (Is 28:24). While I do not fully understand everything, I know He cares enough not to leave me fallow. When David was in turmoil, he said, “I have calmed (meaning to "level or make smooth") my soul” (Ps. 131:2). When the plowing starts, will you take calm in your Heavenly Father's horticultural wisdom?

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