Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hearing Loss is on the Rise

I recently read an article about how to avoid hearing loss, and thought immediately of Jesus' words: “Those who have ears to hear, let them hear” (Matt. 11:15). He was not speaking to an audience of ‘earless’ people, nor who had suffered severe hearing losses. Jesus meant that their ears needed to be attuned to spiritual ‘sounds.’

In this world where we encounter a continuous cacophony of noise so loud “you can't hear yourself think,” our ears can suffer damage (hearing losses are on the rise especially among teens). Significantly, the article on avoiding hearing loss suggested “turning down the volume.” So it is in the spiritual realm: many believers are suffering hearing loss because they do not have a quiet time. If you daily give the ears of your spirit quiet and rest, they are more likely to hear what the Spirit says” (Rev. 3:22).

“Enter into your secret chamber and shut out the tumults of the world. In silence and in stillness a devout soul profits and learns the hidden things of the Scriptures.” Thomas a Kempis, 1450

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