Thursday, January 9, 2014

How will you Spend your Time this Year?

Last year, I found a testimony on Youtube of a man about my age whose pancreatic cancer had returned after 3 years in remission. I signed up to follow his medical/personal updates on CaringBridge, curious to see how his imminent passing had changed his priorities. But, sadly, he only spoke of his leisure activities, hobbies, and travel—a stark reminder to me of how much people hold on to the things of earth, even as they approach their final days. The Spirit brought to my mind these words: “Number our days [realize the brevity of life]” (Ps. 90:12) so we can “make the most of our time [opportunities]” (Eph. 5:16).

In his book “Nearing Home,” Billy Graham wrote, “God doesn't want us to waste our latter years or spend them in superficial, meaningless pursuits. Instead, He wants us to use them in whatever ways we can to influence those who will come after us. God wants us to finish well.” That has certainly been my and Altha’s intent.  But you don’t have to be in your latter years, or facing death, to pursue God with all of your heart. Spending your time on spiritual pursuits has no age limit. Consider Isaiah’s metaphor: “Why do you spend money [time] for what is not bread [life], and your wages for what does not satisfy?” (55:2)


  1. Greg,

    Having just recently "dodged the bullet" from the nationwide noro-virus (just a few days sick) I got a much clearer perspective of what living a purposeful life could look like. Two or three days of misery were enough for me to gain a glimpse of how blessed I was, having had almost sixty years of good health. But to what purpose?

    As I was reminded of my own fragility I believe God allowed me to be brought to a point of reflection about how pure of a life I wanted to leave behind as a legacy for my heirs. It was a subject I have not often considered, if ever. But with my recent "time-out" session with God I began to have my vision clarified as to how important that was to God.

    That said, I am not quite sure how far that will go, but I am sure that it will color all future pursuits. And Greg, thanks for all of your thought-inducing and thought-provoking articles! As a father-in-the-faith I honor you for your consistency, even as your health has had its challenges. Know you are prayed for often, both you and Altha, as well as your family!


  2. thank you Stan. Every time I am sick, I thank God for my good health. But in between when I'm feeling well, I take it for granted! But now, I am more grateful for every day and the opportunities that lie therein!